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Good Grief

A couple of months ago, Ellen Stimson’s publicist contacted me about reviewing an advance copy of her upcoming book, Good Grief. (Apparently, she’d seen my review of Stimson’s first book, Mud Season, on Goodreads back when I was motivated enough to actually write reviews instead of just rating books with stars.) It took me quite […]

Ten Years of Forever

Today is Paul’s and my tenth wedding anniversary, and in honor of the occasion, I’m going to haul some adjectives out of their well-deserved slumber and put them to work trying to give even a hint of how I feel about Paul . The usual adjectival suspects apply to him, of course: smart, kind, strong, […]


“Sage told me how you thought he had ‘mimpendicitis,’” his kindergarten teacher reported cheerfully when I met her in the hallway after school. “It was so cute; I should write that down.” I don’t know if she did, but in the interest of posterity, I will. We were having a nice, lighthearted conversation, so I […]


I’ve already written one Homage to my Mother, but I think she deserves a second one. She spent so many years doing all the thankless tasks of motherhood—feeding, diapering, cleaning, dressing, etc.—that she more than deserves a break now that I’ve long been an official adult. Even so, she’s proven time and time again that […]

November flowers and vegetable love

As I write this, I’m sadly coming full circle to the beginning of my blog, which I’d started to help me grieve when Peri, the dog I’d had for thirteen years, became paralyzed and had to be put to sleep. I’d fallen into a dark place, feeling empty and lacerated, until I got my puppy […]

Grudgingly accepted assignment; witnessed True Love

I have to confess that I almost said “no” when Rachel from the local newspaper forwarded me a request from the Aging and Disability Resource Center for an article on their upcoming caregiver conference. I’d been waiting almost two weeks to be paid for my August articles, and I’d never been paid for July’s; tired […]