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Close Encounters of the Bovine Kind

Chickens might be my family’s largest livestock, but we live surrounded by cows. Sometimes they stay safely on their side of the fence, content to eat the apples Sage feeds them. But sometimes, the cows come to us. Fortunately, we’re none the worse as a result of our Close Encounters of the Bovine Kind. And, […]

Amish Llama and Friends

The landscape around me is donning her white mantle even as I type, but the shameless hussy went naked for an unusually long time this fall. Fortunately, she had some lovely livestock to offset the bleakness of her nudity. My favorite adornment is the Amish Llama, which has been faithfully guarding its flock for several […]

The Bovine Visitation

While washing dishes one day, I caught a glimpse of motion in the yard. “Is a chicken loose?” I wondered. “Or maybe the dog?” Sherlock Holmes I ain’t. A further inspection revealed that neither chicken nor dog was responsible for my vision; instead, it was a bull who had apparently gotten bored and decided to […]


The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune took direct aim at poor helpless six-year-old Sage last Friday. Heartless mother that I am, I will recount his misfortunes with a stony heart. MISFORTUNE ONE: Sage and I went down the road to examine some of the first pussy willow catkins of the year. I let him […]