Monthly Archives: February 2013

The Noodles of Human Kindness

As you may know if you’ve seen my previous two blog entries, it’s been a rough week; on Monday, I had to have my dog Peri euthanized. In the great realm of human tragedy, this is a mere nothing, but I’ve spent the week feeling shredded and raw even so. And yet there’s comfort in […]

Saying goodbye

This picture shows the last picture ever taken of my dog; my son took it the day before she died. Logic tells me that her death was inevitable, that Peri lived a long and full life, that at least I had a chance to say goodbye, that she was just a dog, that there are […]


For thirteen and a half years, Peri was my constant companion. My husband—then a friend with uncertain possibilities—was with me when I got her as a six week old puppy from a North Dakota farm family. I knew she was the one when I picked her up and she licked me on the nose. She […]