Monthly Archives: May 2017

Soccer Sage

When Sage told me he wanted to join the local soccer club, I have to confess that I was skeptical. So many of his interests had been ephemeral, and I did NOT want to pay $40 for fees and a jersey, only to have the jersey languish dustily in his closet next to the $50 […]

The Bee Tree

I knew 2017 would be a good apple year–the trees had only spit out a few lonely blossoms in 2016–but I hadn’t realized HOW good it would be. The tree closest to the house was especially spectacular. It wasn’t just laden with blossoms: It was humming with bees as well. My hives are sadly empty; […]

The Skunk MacGyver

My husband Paul has repeatedly demonstrated that the TV character MacGyver has nothing on him; he’s done everything from building a maple syrup boiler out of scrap parts┬áto improvising car repairs. Yesterday, he proved that his ingenuity extends to the world of skunks. The saga started when I went down to the chicken coop to […]