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The Orphaned Hostas

Sometimes, Fate tires of determining the destinies of men. At such a time she might dabble with other beings. Hostas, for example. At least, that seemed to be the case when my desperate search for hostas to plant up the shady, overgrown area beneath our deck was suddenly ended by one of my friends’ casual […]

Baby Garden

I’ve spent my previous two posts focusing on my beloved flowers, most of which are currently living in pots. If I just pop a few happily blooming flowers into a pot, voila–I have an instant mini-garden! There are few things more gratifying than maximum beauty for minimum labor. The main garden, alas, is another affair. […]

The Wild Garden

Despite my intentions to make this year’s garden an orderly piece of living art–or at least almost as neat as my Amish neighbors’ gardens–the plants had other ideas. I’d laid the garden out to be pleasingly symmetrical, with corn hills at each corner and a row of broccoli along the front, but I couldn’t resist […]

Farmer Sage

When my neighbor Elaine hailed me from her front porch, I thought we were just in for a neighborly chat: Little did I know that Destiny was at work. Elaine is a neighbor, but only by country standards; her house is at least a quarter mile down the road from mine. So I was delighted […]

Tomato Madness

Tomato plants are almost enough to make me believe in spontaneous generation: They pop up EVERYWHERE and grow lustily. (Except, of course, for the tomatoes I start as seeds and lovingly tend beneath grow lights. THOSE sad little wretches grow up scrawny and pathetic. They recover once they’ve moved into the garden and go through […]

Unexpected Flowers

Despite my ambitious spring intentions, my garden by fall always becomes a Darwinian struggle for survival. This year is no exception. In my defense, the chaotic jungle makes an excellent wildlife refuge; just ask the bunnies and the butterflies. And in my further defense, sometimes the chaos produces lovely and unexpected flowers. These uninvited but […]

Pumpkin Heads

  I have to confess that I misunderstood the giant pumpkins’ motives. Given the alarming size of their vines and their ability to creep almost visibly across the yard, I assumed the goal was simple world domination, no pumpkins required. After all, there was nary a fruit to be seen by the end of July. […]