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Arranging a hit with the Amish Mafia

They used to be so adorable, those little white fluffball chicks who traveled so philosophically in the paws of my overly enthusiastic son. They were so adorable, in fact, that I’d written in a previous post about how they might have charmed their way out of the stewpot even if they did indeed prove to […]

Involuntarily Amish

My family awoke yesterday to appliances that were sullenly dark and silent. I attributed their lack of juice to a storm system that had moved through the area the previous night; although it had obligingly skirted around us, I figured it might have knocked out some key player further down on the grid. However, after […]

Alondra’s day in the country

Alondra had a rural odyssey this morning; we walked several miles through a tranquil country landscape, absorbing the peace of nature, making the most of the sunny hours that blessed us despite dire storm-filled weather forecasts. She had just finished writing the captions for these photos when she had to go home, so I’ll post […]

Alondra and the rainbow

I’m pleased to report that I have a special guest author today: my eleven-year-old sister Alondra, who’s staying for the weekend. We just witnessed one of the most spectacular rainbows I’ve ever seen–a double rainbow that arched all the way across the valley, sunlight before it, lightning behind, like a luminous but ephemeral gate holding […]

Counsels From My Garden

Panicky, overwhelmed, weeds everywhere I looked, purple-leaved tomatoes languishing in their battered metal cages: My garden looked the way I felt. I’d been fighting to stave off panic, and the chaotically overgrown garden seemed a physical manifestation of my frantic mind. My husband had announced that we’d need new siding—the basement walls had begun to […]

The Lamb Whisperer

I have to confess this happened awhile ago, and I haven’t gotten around to posting about it before now, but I still feel I must let the world know about my son’s unique talent: He’s a Lamb Whisperer. To clarify: When my Amish neighbors first cordoned off part of their front yard and installed their […]

Moments of Unexpected Outrage: On the Perils of Being “Edited”

I thought I was doing a good thing when I told the library director I would write an article about the library’s can collection fundraiser. OF COURSE I wanted to let the public know about a program that benefits the environment AND the library I love. Just for good measure, I interviewed a Boy Scout […]

A Boy, A Dog, and a Backhoe

Springtime in the country is lovely, of course: the songs of birds, the distant lowing of cattle, the clip clop of Amish buggies driving by, the resounding rumble of a backhoe… OK, I must admit I was caught a bit off guard by that last one yesterday morning. I’d been in my son’s bedroom, vainly […]

My Five-Year-Old Loves Chicks (Literally)

The Muse apparently doesn’t like to get her hands dirty; she’s been conspicuously absent during this last couple weeks of intense dirt-moving, planting, and chick-wrangling. But I feel so many of those moments I’d been aspiring to preserve slipping away, I need to record at least SOMETHING of the recent past. Time is limited at […]

The May Snowstorm

It’s May 2, and my son is home from school because of a snow day; I presume that most Wisconsin residents (and anyone else in the storm’s path) will agree that this weather is freakish, unnatural, and just plain wrong. But on the plus side, the still-naked trees seem to be sadder but wiser. Last […]