Monthly Archives: March 2019

Hover Boy

I admit, I was skeptical when Sage first started campaigning for a hover board. From the way he explained it, it sounded like a Segue without the stick–and I don’t even understand the point of a Segue WITH a stick when owned by a person with functioning legs! But Sage was adamant: He HAD to […]

A Visit from the Sun

This is the time of year when the sun pays us a visit in the evenings. Some days, it looks like it’s standing boldly at the curve in the road, beaming like a neighbor; other times–as in this photo–it peeps coquettishly through the branches. Either way, I welcome my neighbor the sun.

The Squirrel Visitation

Many people consider squirrels mundane, ubiquitous, and perhaps even annoying. Not my dogs, though; they’ve been fascinated by the plump squirrels that have been raiding the bird feeders on our deck. Squirrels are a surprising novelty out here in the country; they generally keep to the woods, so it’s rare for us to see them. […]

The Homer Cake

Just when I think our local baker can’t find possibly outdo the marvelous birthday cakes he made Sage in previous years, he finds a way. This year, Sage wanted a Homer Simpson cake. Instead of just putting a picture of Homer on a sheet cake, this is what Bob created: I have to confess that […]