Monthly Archives: November 2015

A Farewell to Apples

Thanks to a combination of favorable weather and eager bees, we had an outstanding apple year this year. All five trees on our property produced well, but none was as eerily generous as the one I’ve come to think of as the Giving Tree. Its branches drooped in curtains of fruit, and no amount of […]

Ephemeral Friends

Autumn made an admirable bid for immortality, but a hard frost here and a snowstorm to our south have pretty well squelched its pretensions. Since Autumn, despite its uncanny length this year, turned out to be ephemeral after all, I’ll honor it by remembering some other ephemeral friends it had offered me. As I walked […]

Broccoli Boy

Despite our freakishly warm November, winter’s slowly and steadily reaching across the weeks to strip away summer’s garments. Only the broccoli and kale remain defiantly green in our garden now. That’s just as well; Sage scorns the sweeter vegetables that I’d thought would be appealing to a seven-year-old’s palate, carrots and sweet potatoes among them, […]

The Origami Mayflower

A couple of days ago, Sage came home from school and commenced feverish work on a project. At first, I assumed it was a school assignment, but no: He was responding to the Call of Art. More specifically, he was responding to the Call of Origami. He’d begun his origami Mayflower in school as the […]