Monthly Archives: July 2015

More Adventures In and Out of the Hive

After my older colony sent out its second swarm this summer, I decided it was time to take some action. I hoped that rearranging the comb and giving the bees more building space would curb their intense swarminess. (There was an empty space at the end of the hive, but for some reason, the bees […]

Peaceable Kingdoms

Peaceable kingdoms do indeed exist. I offer the following photos as proof: Now, if only humans were as civilized as these animals…

Accepting My Garden

I’ve spent years trying to meet the standards set by my Amish neighbors’ gardens, so orderly and immaculate. I would start the year with excellent intentions, envisioning an equally orderly garden that would seem like a verdant quilt when I looked down on it from our deck. Each year I tried, and each year I […]