Monthly Archives: May 2015

The Passing of the Corn

When Paul came into my life, he brought love, companionship, a MacGyver-like ability to fix things, and a handful of corn. He’d gotten the corn when he worked in the community garden in his hometown of New Town, North Dakota. This corn was descended from seed that had been found buried in a cache on […]

Unexpected Honey

For reasons known only to themselves, my older colony of bees had decided to build its honey combs perpendicular to the rest of the comb. This was problematic since it made picking up the combs for inspection impossible, but my husband Paul and I weren’t overly worried. After all, we’d gotten the bees as a […]

Sage the Horse Whisperer

I now have proof that my aspiring Dr. Doolittle is a Horse Whisperer as well as a Lamb Whisperer. Court was the one who befriended this young horse first; the horse, all alone in one of the pastures bordering our house, was surprisingly enthusiastic about playing a chase game with my happily barking dog. Although […]

Happy 20th Birthday to my Mother

I want to take this opportunity to wish a happy 20th birthday to my mother. Yes, this is a problematic statement, given that it makes her significantly younger than I am, but hey–SHE’S the Birthday Girl, SHE gets to choose her age. (I like her philosophy and plan to run with it whenever my own […]