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Small Dogs and Big Machines

On a recent visit to some good friends, Sage experienced a full range of Things That Delight Small Boys. Among them were a big machine… and a little dog… All in all, it was a very satisfying day, capped off with some sun-lit relaxation in a comfy chair that Sage’s fuzzy new pal graciously shared […]

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

Some images render words unnecessary. The following, I think, is one of them:

Court’s New Bed

Apparently, access to Sage’s bed as well as every couch and chair in the house isn’t sufficient for my little prince of a dog: He just created a new napping spot by jumping into a storage bin full of comforters. I suppose it’s a fundamental truth that one can never have too many cozy spots […]

The Fox and the Hound

“Court!” I called, peering across the neighboring field to the woods beyond. I was rewarded by the sight of a shape bursting from the foliage on the far end of the field. “Ah,” I thought, “THERE’S my faithful hound!” But I peered again. Wait a moment—that wasn’t one shape running; it was two! As the […]

Sage the Horse Whisperer

I now have proof that my aspiring Dr. Doolittle is a Horse Whisperer as well as a Lamb Whisperer. Court was the one who befriended this young horse first; the horse, all alone in one of the pastures bordering our house, was surprisingly enthusiastic about playing a chase game with my happily barking dog. Although […]

A boy and his dog

I’m utterly lacking in inspiration, but I figure this picture is cute enough to speak for itself. Therefore, without further ado, I present a boy and his dog.

The first two weeks of Court

I’ve been reluctant to write about my new dog Court; I’m afraid I’ll invoke the same canine Nemesis that killed my previous dog Chaussette when she was barely a year old. I’d extolled her virtues in post after post, and while logic insists that my pride in her had nothing to do with the severe […]