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Caesar’s New Look

With a wave of her magical clippers, my friend Angie has given me an entirely new dog. Well, maybe they’re not ACTUALLY magical, but they sure seem that way. Thanks to her grooming prowess, Caesar went from adorable long -haired fluffball… To adorable short-haired fluffball. Who knew you could get two dogs for the price […]

A Little Dose of Cuteness

After a long trip to North Dakota and an even longer week tackling the work that piled up in my absence, I’m finally ready to re-enter the World of Blogging. Unfortunately, I have nothing profound or pithy to say, so I’ll compensate with a little dose of cuteness. Here goes: I couldn’t have said it […]

The Squirrel Visitation

Many people consider squirrels mundane, ubiquitous, and perhaps even annoying. Not my dogs, though; they’ve been fascinated by the plump squirrels that have been raiding the bird feeders on our deck. Squirrels are a surprising novelty out here in the country; they generally keep to the woods, so it’s rare for us to see them. […]

Caesar’s Snow Day

It’s been a crazy week–first we had a snowstorm that left several inches of snow on Monday, then three days entombed in the polar vortex, then two freakishly mild days that melted most of the snow and left a ragged, half-naked landscape in its wake. But yesterday morning, there was a sweet spot when the […]

Canine Besties

Like every staid middle-ager who just wants to rest, sometimes Court is less than thrilled by Caesar’s frequent play bouncing. Still, the two dogs have overcome their differences in age and size to become canine besties. Here are a few scenes from their friendship: It is, indeed, a dog’s life.

The Dog Walkers

The temperature is falling and snowflakes are drifting: It’s the perfect time to reflect on a period when autumn was still holding winter at bay. One of my dear friends came to visit with her two little daughters so they could immerse themselves, however briefly, in rural living. The girls, who did NOT consider themselves […]

The Chicken Whisperer

As exciting as Caesar’s arrival has been, Sage felt it was time to give his favorite chicken, Flappybird, some one-on-one attention. Caesar, however, begged to differ: He MUST be the center of attention. Fortunately, Flappybird had no strong opinions on Caesar’s intervention. As long as she got her sunflower seeds, she was happy. As were […]