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Court’s New Bed

Apparently, access to Sage’s bed as well as every couch and chair in the house isn’t sufficient for my little prince of a dog: He just created a new napping spot by jumping into a storage bin full of comforters. I suppose it’s a fundamental truth that one can never have too many cozy spots […]

The Fox and the Hound

“Court!” I called, peering across the neighboring field to the woods beyond. I was rewarded by the sight of a shape bursting from the foliage on the far end of the field. “Ah,” I thought, “THERE’S my faithful hound!” But I peered again. Wait a moment—that wasn’t one shape running; it was two! As the […]

Sage the Horse Whisperer

I now have proof that my aspiring Dr. Doolittle is a Horse Whisperer as well as a Lamb Whisperer. Court was the one who befriended this young horse first; the horse, all alone in one of the pastures bordering our house, was surprisingly enthusiastic about playing a chase game with my happily barking dog. Although […]

A boy and his dog

I’m utterly lacking in inspiration, but I figure this picture is cute enough to speak for itself. Therefore, without further ado, I present a boy and his dog.

The first two weeks of Court

I’ve been reluctant to write about my new dog Court; I’m afraid I’ll invoke the same canine Nemesis that killed my previous dog Chaussette when she was barely a year old. I’d extolled her virtues in post after post, and while logic insists that my pride in her had nothing to do with the severe […]

Grieving the bees, welcoming the dog

The circle of life keeps turning, and I’m turning with it. It had plunged me downward with breathtaking speed a couple of weeks ago when Paul and I opened my second hive, the one whose bees had been so industriously building comb and sending out foragers, and realized that the plucky rogue queen that I […]

Eerie parallels

January 31 was the first day my dog Chaussette wasn’t there to greet my son when the school bus brought him home after school. (I would put her on a leash to keep her from trying to board the bus and greet her adoring fans, and then the two of us would stand in the […]