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Lily’s Brief but Glorious Sojourn as Queen of the Mountain

Lily may be a little dog, but she’s had a taste of glory: When I unloaded five hay bales next to the garden (destined to be mulch), she saw her opportunity and took it. After a considerable time observing her kingdom from the top of the mountain, she discovered new perspectives from inside it. Alas, […]

The Chicks’ Outdoor Adventure

Our chicks may only be a couple of weeks old, but they’re already expressing adolescent discontent with their box. So yesterday, the hot, sunny, calm afternoon granted their wish: It was nice enough to move them out from under their heat lamp into the Great World Beyond. In a cage, of course. The chicks quickly […]

The Vicissitudes of Life with a Stuffed Hedgehog

Sometimes a dog’s life is tough. Sometimes he just needs to cuddle up with a stuffed hedgehog. At least until a fuzzy menace arrives to usurp the hedgehog. It is indeed a dog’s life.

A Moment of Peace

The ever-playful Lily took a break from annoying Court–and Court took a break from BEING annoyed–so they could curl up together for a nap. The world may feel like it’s falling apart, but it’s still full of moments of peace. And those moments will sustain us.

Life in a Cone

We all know that the world’s turned upside down and that many businesses have closed their doors. Unfortunately for Lily, our local vet clinic wasn’t one of those businesses: I had a longstanding appointment to get her spayed on Thursday, and by golly, they honored that appointment. They even removed a stubborn baby tooth while […]

Bobbing for Kibble

Lily wouldn’t eat her kibble, and Court was hovering on the sidelines, waiting to swoop in and (being a gentleman) remove eating from her to-do list by doing the job himself. So I did what any normal pet owner would do: I dropped some bits of kibble into her water dish. Man, was that a […]

A Boy, His Dogs, and His Ducks

Between a sojourn in the Land of the One-Handed (thanks to a sprained wrist from a spill on the ice) and my tween’s discovery of the Magic of YouTube, my ability to blog has been significantly reduced lately. And yet the blogless month was still replete with cuteness. I present to you a sampling of […]

Lily’s Snow Day

Lily wasn’t sure what to make of snow at first; she shivered pathetically by the door, wondering why I’d inflicted all of this nasty, cold white stuff on her. Then she had a revelation: Snow may be cold, but she can DIG IN IT!!! Her passion for digging had previously been a forbidden one since […]

A Few Moments of Puppy Cuteness

My Muse is currently silent; happily, puppy cuteness speaks volumes. Here are a few adorable moments from Lily’s first two weeks in our family: It’s not a dog’s life yet, but it sure is a puppy’s life.

The Arrival of Lily

This summer’s sad story is finally arriving at a happy ending. (Actually, a beginning…) We still miss Caesar, and we always will, but a new puppy named Lily has arrived to help fill the void he left. We found her at a nearby breeder’s farm, and for Sage and Lily, it was love at first […]