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A Formal Feeling

I’ve finally moved from Emily Dickinson’s “Sweeping up the heart” phase of grief for my dog Chaussette to her “After a great pain/A formal feeling comes” phase. (Emily Dickinson makes a perceptive guide when navigating the waters of sorrow.) My initial reaction to Chaussette’s premature death—she was barely a year old—was not just sadness, but […]


“Sage told me how you thought he had ‘mimpendicitis,’” his kindergarten teacher reported cheerfully when I met her in the hallway after school. “It was so cute; I should write that down.” I don’t know if she did, but in the interest of posterity, I will. We were having a nice, lighthearted conversation, so I […]

Cancer-free after all…As far as I know, anyway…

Up until a week or two ago, I’d been thinking of health care purely in terms of how much it costs; my husband’s employer does provide a family plan, but it might as well not bother since it costs 50% of his income. We’ve been paying several hundred dollars a month for a plan with […]

Return of the bees

I’d been disconcerted by the silence of the fruit trees this spring, although judging from the number of baby apples currently swelling, the bumblebees and native bees clearly made up for the lack of honeybees this year. But apparently the recently-blooming motherwort plants sang to them with a floral siren song, because they’re now swarming […]