Monthly Archives: September 2013

Health care hits home

I’ve been trying to come up with something light and cute to write about, but my spirits have been too low lately to write a humorous story. I’ve written quite a bit for the local newspaper and library blog, but that’s about the extent of my writing impulse lately. However, I finally HAVE gotten the […]

Painted Face and Hooded Cowboy

Between our library’s Booktoberfest celebration last Saturday and Homecoming Week this week, Sage has had a chance to explore exciting new looks.

The Day of Two Friends

Sage is having one of the best days of his life today, and it must be documented. First his buddy Isaiah came over after school; the boys played almost non-stop (only pausing for snack breaks) until Isaiah’s brother’s flag football practice ended and the magic had to end as well. Then Sage’s OTHER buddy Braedin […]

Grudgingly accepted assignment; witnessed True Love

I have to confess that I almost said “no” when Rachel from the local newspaper forwarded me a request from the Aging and Disability Resource Center for an article on their upcoming caregiver conference. I’d been waiting almost two weeks to be paid for my August articles, and I’d never been paid for July’s; tired […]