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Blog Tour: Let the Chain Be Unbroken!

Traci Carver, whom I consider the Goddess of the Blog (using the logic that anyone who could teach a full day of English class and still have the energy to write blog entries and, more superhumanly, still have a sense of humor after a day of surly teens), has tagged me for the blog tour, […]

Entrail-Strewn Children’s Literature

After realizing that my references to Sage’s fib-induced nose-growth were pretty well lost on him, I concluded that it was time for him to see Pinocchio in order to fully appreciate my wit. His recent bout of “mimpendicitis” offered the perfect opportunity; we were confined indoors by illness and egregiously cold outdoor temperatures, so it […]

An experience to put all bad days into perspective…

The library where I work recently invited climber and author Isabel Suppé to come speak about her near-death experience when, while climbing in the Andes, she and her partner plunged 1100 feet down a mountain. Unfortunately, nobody showed up; I felt awful about that. The silver lining, though, was that I got a chance to […]