Monthly Archives: December 2015

Christmas, 2:02 a.m.

While the pitter patter of little feet is generally delightful, it’s not so delightful at 2:oo am on Christmas morning. (“2:02 am!” Sage would gleefully correct me when I told this story later that day.) Sage was wise enough not to burst into our room–the kid can, after all, tell time, and he knows a […]

The Artist Continues His Work

Sage’s artistic productions have continued; last week, he prepared for his school’s Christmas concert by transforming an ordinary orange into a mini-masterpiece. Ah, but the Muse has been good to him this holiday season…

The Artist at Work

As Christmas approaches, my little artist has been hard at work. Here are a few of his latest efforts:   As impressive as Sage’s work has been, he knows that as an artist, it’s important to stop and recharge one’s creative batteries.

The View Masters

  My son Sage and husband Paul recently acquired new toys from my grandma’s house: two vintage View Masters that used to belong to my dad and aunt and a large collection of slides to go with them. I’ve recently seen ads for virtual reality goggles, but after seeing how fascinated my menfolk were by […]