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Canine Besties

Like every staid middle-ager who just wants to rest, sometimes Court is less than thrilled by Caesar’s frequent play bouncing. Still, the two dogs have overcome their differences in age and size to become canine besties. Here are a few scenes from their friendship: It is, indeed, a dog’s life.

Caesar and his Court

Despite some initial skepticism on Court’s part, the two dogs are now fast friends, and I have the adorable photos to prove it: Sometimes even a dog needs a (non-human) best friend.

Two Little Boys Unplugged

I’m pleased to report that Sage has a new BFF: a little boy who lives just a few miles away but, because he lives on the border of the neighboring school district, just transferred to Sage’s school this year. It was love–or the little boy equivalent, anyway–at first sight. Sage begged me to set up […]

Court’s Vacation

My friends and I had been looking forward to our cabin weekend for months: Every year, for two precious days, we aren’t wives and mothers–we’re women and friends, free to do as we please with no duties calling us. We’ve been picking a different cabin each year, and we knew we would enjoy the weekend […]

A Lull in the Busy Season

The last couple of weeks have been busy ones, especially for Sage: His friend Emery stayed overnight last weekend, and yesterday he had not one but TWO friends over in the morning, a red-letter event as far as he’s concerned. He didn’t waste his time with his friends; some of the highlights include making two […]

Two crazy kids out on the town

A couple of weekends ago, Sage’s friend Emery joined us for a weekend of Christmas-themed adventures. We experienced a horse-drawn wagon ride, reindeer, the lighting of the town Christmas tree, the public library’s outstanding children’s section, and (most importantly at the time) lunch. The following photos serve as testaments to the fact that fun can […]

Magic girl fingers

“I’m tired. I don’t feel good. My tummy hurts. I can’t walk. You have to carry me!” whined Sage as he stumbled out of the school behind me. His plea was pathetic, and it HAD been a long day for him. After putting in a full day of kindergarten, he’d attended the After-School French class […]

Choosing my story

As my grief for my dog Chaussette has calmed, I’ve had time to reflect on her role in my life. I’ve concluded that whether it’s attributable to God, Buddha, Allah, the Force, or just a desperate human attempt to find meaning in the random, there really WAS a reason for her brief sojourn with me. […]

The Day of Two Friends

Sage is having one of the best days of his life today, and it must be documented. First his buddy Isaiah came over after school; the boys played almost non-stop (only pausing for snack breaks) until Isaiah’s brother’s flag football practice ended and the magic had to end as well. Then Sage’s OTHER buddy Braedin […]