Monthly Archives: November 2019

Brownie the Eagle Duck

We couldn’t keep all of the ten orphaned ducklings we adopted this summer–I knew that from the start–so my clever plan was to raise them until we had a good idea of their genders, then keep only two females. According to the Internet, female Muscovies are much smaller than the males, plus they lay eggs. […]

A House and a Monster

Now that we’re closing in on Thanksgiving, it’s time to record some Halloween memories before they dissipate like a specter at sunrise. Thanks to a fling with Stranger Things, Sage insisted on being one of the monsters from that show. After much deliberation, he and Paul concluded that there was no way to create an […]

Defying the Frost

Winter is almost upon us, and most of my flowers have gracefully succumbed to the inevitable. Not one little viola, though: It continues to bloom defiantly even as its comrades wilt. Alas, this flower too must eventually meet its fate. But seldom has a battle against mortality been a prettier fight.