Monthly Archives: July 2014

Cannibal Bunny Mama

I’ve long been justifying the distinctly unkempt state of my flower and vegetable gardens by calling them “wildlife refuges.” Lame as it is, my justification was proven accurate when, a few weeks ago, my husband Paul discovered four adorable baby bunnies nestled in the flower garden. He called me over, and my heart was warmed […]

Good Grief

A couple of months ago, Ellen Stimson’s publicist contacted me about reviewing an advance copy of her upcoming book, Good Grief. (Apparently, she’d seen my review of Stimson’s first book, Mud Season, on Goodreads back when I was motivated enough to actually write reviews instead of just rating books with stars.) It took me quite […]

The first two weeks of Court

I’ve been reluctant to write about my new dog Court; I’m afraid I’ll invoke the same canine Nemesis that killed my previous dog Chaussette when she was barely a year old. I’d extolled her virtues in post after post, and while logic insists that my pride in her had nothing to do with the severe […]

Grieving the bees, welcoming the dog

The circle of life keeps turning, and I’m turning with it. It had plunged me downward with breathtaking speed a couple of weeks ago when Paul and I opened my second hive, the one whose bees had been so industriously building comb and sending out foragers, and realized that the plucky rogue queen that I […]

Ten Years of Forever

Today is Paul’s and my tenth wedding anniversary, and in honor of the occasion, I’m going to haul some adjectives out of their well-deserved slumber and put them to work trying to give even a hint of how I feel about Paul . The usual adjectival suspects apply to him, of course: smart, kind, strong, […]