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Court’s Vacation

My friends and I had been looking forward to our cabin weekend for months: Every year, for two precious days, we aren’t wives and mothers–we’re women and friends, free to do as we please with no duties calling us. We’ve been picking a different cabin each year, and we knew we would enjoy the weekend […]

Time to Start Thinking About These Things

I haven’t posted much about Grandma for the past few months because my visits to her have generally been heartbreaking. Every Wednesday, I bring a new bouquet to brighten up her room in an assisted living facility. When I arrive, she’s almost always lying in bed, listening to an audio book but unaware of its […]

The Return of the Skunk

I thought I’d seen the last of our skunk visitor after it spent a day in our chicken pen with a peanut butter jar stuck on its head. Alas, that was not the case: It came back for another involuntary sojourn in the pen. Paul had set out a live trap to capture the raccoon […]

The Siren Song of Freedom

Sage recently celebrated his last day of third grade. Although I was a little choked up by the thought of his growing up so fast, he clearly wasn’t. For him, the Siren Song of Freedom played as a brisk and boisterous march. The tune might change mid-summer; if history is any guide, he’ll be ready […]

Vivid Rainbows and Giant Pumpkins

Sage’s friend Emery had another overnight sojourn as a Country Girl last weekend, and her stay with us was full of country adventures indeed. First, Sage conscripted her to help with his Giant Pumpkin Project. Our friend Derek had given Sage seeds from last year’s 400 pound pumpkin (which he’d brought home from his job […]

The Bee Tree

I knew 2017 would be a good apple year–the trees had only spit out a few lonely blossoms in 2016–but I hadn’t realized HOW good it would be. The tree closest to the house was especially spectacular. It wasn’t just laden with blossoms: It was humming with bees as well. My hives are sadly empty; […]

The Skunk MacGyver

My husband Paul has repeatedly demonstrated that the TV character MacGyver has nothing on him; he’s done everything from building a maple syrup boiler out of scrap parts┬áto improvising car repairs. Yesterday, he proved that his ingenuity extends to the world of skunks. The saga started when I went down to the chicken coop to […]