Monthly Archives: February 2018

A Visit from the Sun

Turning toward the kitchen, thinking thoughts of supper, I was startled by the sun. A shaft of light came hurtling through the living room window, and suddenly everything was golden. I turned and came face to face with the shaft-hurling culprit–a glowing orb that seemed to be perched in a neighbor’s tree, peering curiously at […]

The Award-Winning Artist

When I picked Sage up after school yesterday, I knew something was up: His eyes were darting as though little joyful minnows were swimming around in his skull. But since we were at the public library, I had to wait to learn the minnows’ origin until we were in the privacy of our car. Then […]

Some Things, They Never Outgrow

Sage’s oldest friend Emery came to visit last weekend. They’d been friends since they were babies, but Emery is, well, a GIRL, and I’ve been dreading the day when they can no longer have innocent overnights. When she first arrived, I was afraid that day had already come. Granted, the two hadn’t seen each other […]