Monthly Archives: March 2013

Dreams DO come true!

For all you cynics who believe that dreams can’t come true, I have photographic proof to the contrary: my son Sage has finally obtained the pooper scooper he’s always dreamed of, or at least has dreamed of since our first run to the local farm supply store to get puppy food almost three weeks ago. […]

Warm silence

My son Sage stayed overnight with his grandma last night, and Paul’s gone to fetch him. I have a few precious hours of solitude, and I want to always remember the moment I just had: napping in the gray light of a cloudy day, stretched on the sofa, puppy warm on my chest, Obligation whimpering […]

The Hair Cut

“Why?! Why would you DO that?!” I froze mid-slurp, listening to the anguished cry emanating from the bathroom. My husband’s voice was a poignant mix of anger and incredulity. The temptation to pretend I hadn’t heard it was great: I had just come home from work and had about 10 minutes to suck down my […]

The Mystery Machine

At first I thought the scraping and groaning of metal outside our house was a plow going by, a vigilante guarding Augusta against rogue snowdrifts. But the noise continued, and I realized something odd was going on. I went to the front window and saw a large piece of heavy equipment with a small plow […]

Puppy dog nails and biting winter winds

What began as a simple quest to give Chaussette her first nail clipping turned into a mini-Arctic adventure. Dog nail clipping had never occurred to me as a necessity before—I must have walked Peri so often that it was never an issue for her—but Chaussette’s early life in a hay-filled barn had apparently done nothing […]

Snowbound with the plague

The snow is falling steadily today. In the gray winter light, puppy and child are both sleeping for the moment, and besides the soft visual static of gently blowing snow, the only motion is the perpetual hop, skitter, and flit of sparrows at the feeder. The dim light belies both the time of day—2pm—and the […]

Simple Revelations

One of my son’s best friends and his mother came over for the first time last week, and a couple of days later we went to their house. The little boy and my son are classmates, and they also attend the library’s pre-school storytime together. I’d met his mother at many of those storytimes, but […]

A Moment in the Snow

I took my puppy Chaussette outside to the chicken coop to change the chickens’ water this morning, and on the way, I experienced Poetry (with a deliberate capital P). There was a light snow falling (much to the chagrin of most Wisconsin residents), and the air was cool and still. I saw a flash of […]

Sage and Chaussette

My son Sage–newly turned five–has been fairly dubious about the puppy acquisition. He was excited in theory, but when it came to the reality of Chaussette’s enthusiastic bouts of puppy nipping, he lost HIS enthusiasm; when we brought her home, he was much more interested in his new remote-controlled giant inflatable shark (thanks, Ellen and […]

The Canine Atonement

I have to admit it: I was a bad wife. Paul, my husband, made it clear that although he would grudgingly support getting a new dog, he A) wanted to wait until spring, B) wanted a relatively small dog, C) wanted a short-haired dog, and D) wanted a male. So of course I fell in […]