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The Things that Change, the Things that Don’t

On the brink of 2017, I can’t help feeling trepidation about the changes this new year will bring. But Emery’s recent overnight visit reminded me that even though the world is constantly changing, some things remain constant. Oral hygiene is a case in point. The children have changed considerably (Emery’s recent acquisition of cat ears […]

The Passing of the Corn

When Paul came into my life, he brought love, companionship, a MacGyver-like ability to fix things, and a handful of corn. He’d gotten the corn when he worked in the community garden in his hometown of New Town, North Dakota. This corn was descended from seed that had been found buried in a cache on […]

Emery’s Return

Sage’s good friend Emery returned for another country sojourn last weekend. The two have been friends since Sage was in the womb, literally. (I distinctly remember being pregnant with Sage and holding baby Emery in my lap, one child on the inside, one on the out. Fortunately for Emery, it was a warm, sunny summer […]

Return of the Lamb Whisperer

A few days ago, our Amish neighbors let their ewes and lambs into the field behind our house, and my son Sage demonstrated that he hasn’t lost his status as a Lamb Whisperer. (He’d established it when he was five or six and could call lambs to him; I’d posted the picture in the entry […]

Genetic Vanity

I peeked through the bathroom doorway, observing my son Sage meticulously applying “product” to his hair and lovingly combing each gel-coated strand. I knew better than to speak; any interruption of his intense preening would result in a shrill and eloquent reprimand. I had trouble biting my tongue, though, when I had a sudden revelation: […]

Childhood in three dimensions

A boy and his dog

I’m utterly lacking in inspiration, but I figure this picture is cute enough to speak for itself. Therefore, without further ado, I present a boy and his dog.