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The Return of the Pumpkin Head

Despite being mostly neglected lately, a recent visit to Sage’s giant pumpkin patch has proven that the enormous fruits are carrying on, with or without us. They might not end up as the 400 pound leviathans of my boys’ dreams, but hey–they’re pretty darn respectable. Sage reclines on a giant pumpkin in mid-October.   This […]

Kuan Yin’s Evolving Garden

My beloved stargazer lilies, the spectacular white bells of the yucca, and the fragrant Madonna lilies are all faded away now; only the statue of Kuan Yin remains constant in my circle garden. But she reminds me that each loss brings a renewal, and each faded flower drops to make way for a new blossom. […]

Broccoli Boy

Despite our freakishly warm November, winter’s slowly and steadily reaching across the weeks to strip away summer’s garments. Only the broccoli and kale remain defiantly green in our garden now. That’s just as well; Sage scorns the sweeter vegetables that I’d thought would be appealing to a seven-year-old’s palate, carrots and sweet potatoes among them, […]

Accepting My Garden

I’ve spent years trying to meet the standards set by my Amish neighbors’ gardens, so orderly and immaculate. I would start the year with excellent intentions, envisioning an equally orderly garden that would seem like a verdant quilt when I looked down on it from our deck. Each year I tried, and each year I […]