Monthly Archives: June 2016

The Tribulations of Baby Birds

A few weeks ago, I was thrilled to find four songbird eggs in a nest hidden in the weeds next to my strawberries. Not only was I excited about the possibility of watching four nestlings progress towards adulthood–as was Sage when I told him about them–but I felt exuberantly vindicated about my less than assiduous […]

Scenes from the Garden

I’ve been so occupied with the vegetable garden that the Circle Garden (presided over by a statue of Kuan Yin) and the plantings along my house’s foundation have received short shrift. None of my gardens will win any awards–unless they’re for “Prowess in Weed Cultivation”–but the flowers have proven surprisingly forgiving. Here are some flower […]

Laughing in the Garden

After much labor, my garden is finally planted. The perpetual battle against weeds is about to start, but at this moment, I’ll take a moment to breathe and, as my garden sign suggests, laugh.

Fort Sage

Sage decided quite awhile ago that he needed a fort, but his architecture has evolved considerably. His first fort was basically a comforter hung from the top shelf of his closet and draped over a table, which, he explained, was the living room. (Apparently it also had a kitchen, although fortunately for me, he never […]