My mother, Super Matriarch and Shopping Muse

My mother, Super Matriarch and Shopping Muse

I’ve already written one Homage to my Mother, but I think she deserves a second one. She spent so many years doing all the thankless tasks of motherhood—feeding, diapering, cleaning, dressing, etc.—that she more than deserves a break now that I’ve long been an official adult. Even so, she’s proven time and time again that she’ll never retire from Mom-hood. Here’s a partial list of things she’s provided for me in the past few months:

• Clothes, shoes, socks, and lingerie that (unlike almost everything in my wardrobe that she herself hadn’t purchased for Christmas and holidays) are warm, stylish, and manufactured in the last decade.
• Financial advice
• Intellectual conversation
• Book recommendations
• Babysitting services
• Comfort
• Perspective
• Lunch

There’s quite a bit more I could add, but I think this list gives you the general idea. She’s done so much that I could never adequately repay her (despite her assurances that I’ll pay off my debts when she follows her ancestors in becoming a cranky but long-lived denizen of the nursing home). Even so, I want to let her and everyone who reads this know how much I love and appreciate her.

Thanks again, Mom. For everything.

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