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A House and a Monster

Now that we’re closing in on Thanksgiving, it’s time to record some Halloween memories before they dissipate like a specter at sunrise. Thanks to a fling with Stranger Things, Sage insisted on being one of the monsters from that show. After much deliberation, he and Paul concluded that there was no way to create an […]

Male Bonding, Halloween Style

I have to confess, I’m the Halloween equivalent of the Grinch: I don’t like gorging on candy, and I REALLY don’t like dressing up. My menfolk, on the other hand, have no such problem. Sage got his costume–a disturbingly large baby mask and a red skin suit that made him look distressingly like a flayed […]

Scenes from Halloween

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone without yielding any especially good photos, it seems like a good time to finally post my Halloween pictures. (At least Halloween is a holiday, so it’s KIND OF relevant…) In the photo above, you’ll note a disturbing figure with a gruesome mask and tattered tunic standing at the […]

Halloween Greetings from a Box Turtle

Unfortunately (read: “fortunately”), Sage’s elementary school forbade violent costumes, so his original soldier get-up was off the table. I was secretly grateful that I wouldn’t be obliged to pack him off to school bearing arms. Happily, Sage had another idea in mind for the school party: He would be a box turtle. Why a box […]

The Halloween Party

Halloween came early this year, and it conveniently chose a perfect Fall day for its arrival. Well, it wasn’t OFFICIALLY Halloween, but close enough. My friend Angie–who somehow finds time to host outstanding parties while raising three boys and running a business–held her annual Halloween party yesterday. The party’s arrival caught Paul and Sage off […]