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A Whitish Christmas

This Christmas could hardly described as a white one, but neither was it completely brown. I do believe the best adjective would be “whitish.” The landscape was covered with a dusting of snow just thick enough to cover its modesty but not so thick that, had it been human and out in public, it wouldn’t […]

My Sister, the Christmas Village Elf

My industrious little sister Alondra has accomplished a LOT in her young life, from playing percussion in Honors bands to getting impressive grades in Honors courses, and now she can add Christmas Village Elf to her already considerable resume. Along with a group of fellow student volunteers, Alondra helped set up displays for the Christmas […]

A Properly Materialistic Christmas

Despite my best intentions, eco-friendly, service-oriented gifts just aren’t cutting it with Sage: It’s Legos and remote-control vehicles all the way. Grandma Mary Ann and Papa scored a major coup with the Mother of All Christmas Gifts–a remote control Lego set. (Although it can be constructed in several different ways, its current incarnation is a […]

Ugly Sweaters Galore

After a few weeks of holiday chaos–and a round of technical difficulties with my work website that made me seriously consider becoming Amish–I’m finally ready to post again. My subject: Ugly Sweaters. The Augusta Friends of the Library hosted an Ugly Sweater party at the Beaver Bowl last night. Would anyone come? Questionable. Did I […]

The Arboreal Artiste

I’m pleased to report that Sage has graduated from his previous holiday decorating technique, which is best described as “Randomly Throwing Tinsel on Things.” This year, he draped his garland and placed his ornaments with a true eye for aesthetic effect. I was most pleased with his efforts (which, we have to admit, had a […]

Fond memories of the rapidly retreating holiday season

Now that the New Year isn’t quite as new anymore, my thoughts have turned to the removal of Christmas decorations. The Christmas tree itself was granted a reprieve by my husband and son, so it will keep its home in our finished basement for at least another week, but I took the decorations off the […]

Art in its many forms

Sage’s first onstage moments at his recent Christmas concert were tense ones as he scanned the audience, desperate to locate a familiar face. All’s well that ends well, though: He located his family and belted out his tunes happily, secure in the knowledge that pitch is optional and lyrics are mutable as long as one […]