Monthly Archives: March 2018

Sage and the Doppelganger

“All my friends get to go on vacation, and I have to spend spring break helping my dad remodel a bathroom!” Such was Sage’s piteous lament. I pointed out on the first day of spring break that his buddy Isaiah was currently packed into a car with his two older brothers, half way to Texas […]

Roller Dude

With the influx of technology Sage received for his birthday, I was worried that he was going to turn into something like this: Happily, another gift helped draw him back out into the real world: Roller blades. He’d fallen in love with roller blading last time he went to a skating party with some friends, […]

The Crab Cake

Each year, Sage requests a different theme for his birthday cake, and Bob–Master Baker at the Augusta Bakery –has never failed to deliver. In the beginning, the cakes were cute but unsurprising; icing images of Sage’s boyish requests were drawn on the cakes: one year a race car, another year a speed boat. Then Bob got […]

The Cell Phone

We finally did it. We took the plunge. We took a risk. Our child might never be the same again. But Paul and I did it. We got Sage a cell phone for his 10th birthday. It was something we’d been contemplating for a while. Since we don’t have a land line, we didn’t dare leave […]