Monthly Archives: November 2016

Scenes from Halloween

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone without yielding any especially good photos, it seems like a good time to finally post my Halloween pictures. (At least Halloween is a holiday, so it’s KIND OF relevant…) In the photo above, you’ll note a disturbing figure with a gruesome mask and tattered tunic standing at the […]

Flowers Before the Frost

The fall has been long, lovely, and unnaturally mild (thanks, Climate Change!) but all freakishly good things must come to an end. My pansies have been blooming nonstop since early spring, and they’d doggedly survived a few light frosts, but even they couldn’t cope with the heavy frost and dusting of snow that arrived two […]


Like about half of my compatriots, I’ve spent many sleepless nights trying to process the election results. There’s a lot a could say about them, but I don’t want this blog polluted by politics. Let others vent elsewhere; right now, I’m going to look at pretty shots of windmills. Their steadiness in the gale is […]

The Brief but Eventful Life of Mr. Pumpkin

Although our garden is usually generous, this year it yielded only one pumpkin. Ah, but what a beauty that pumpkin was. We harvested it in early October; Sage promptly dubbed it “Mr. Pumpkin” and proceeded to give his new friend a face. Mr. Pumpkin went through two initial incarnations: First as a cheerfully bald fellow, […]