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A Moment of Equine Equanimity

I’ve always loved my neighbors’ horses; no matter how scorching the heat or brutal the storm, they remain stolidly grazing, heads down and serenely unperturbed. I take comfort in their tranquility. The arrival of new foals also reminds me of beauty’s ephemeral permanence. The eagle soars away, the startled deer bounds across the field, and […]

Sage the Horse Whisperer

I now have proof that my aspiring Dr. Doolittle is a Horse Whisperer as well as a Lamb Whisperer. Court was the one who befriended this young horse first; the horse, all alone in one of the pastures bordering our house, was surprisingly enthusiastic about playing a chase game with my happily barking dog. Although […]

Horses in the hoarfrost

My son hopped off the schoolbus a few days ago, and we headed for the house as we usually do. But the day’s calm gray beauty hadn’t yet waned; even though it was late afternoon and the darkness was approaching, the trees were still enrobed in hoarfrost. Sage was more than willing to come back […]

Colicky horses and canine inspirations

My dog Chaussette may be dying, but apparently she never got the message about that inconvenient fact. It’s been over a month now since I loaded her and my son Sage into the car and drove them to Sage’s school. “You should probably say goodbye,” I told Sage as he got out. “Chaussette might be […]

Alondra’s day in the country

Alondra had a rural odyssey this morning; we walked several miles through a tranquil country landscape, absorbing the peace of nature, making the most of the sunny hours that blessed us despite dire storm-filled weather forecasts. She had just finished writing the captions for these photos when she had to go home, so I’ll post […]

The Aspirations of Wild Things

I saw a rare sight today: a herd of deer picking their way delicately across one of the fields behind our house. One would think, being out in the country, deer would hardly be a novelty, but they are. (I’ve even found myself wishing we had MORE deer when the ground was covered with half-spoiled […]

Dreams and Odysseys

Sage’s dream came true—literally. He’d woken up in tears three days ago, sobbing because he’d dreamed he’d gotten the toy bow and arrows I’d so cruelly denied him a week or two previously, but he woke up before he could play with them. He was inconsolable until I bribed him with a trip to the […]