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Blog Tour: Let the Chain Be Unbroken!

Traci Carver, whom I consider the Goddess of the Blog (using the logic that anyone who could teach a full day of English class and still have the energy to write blog entries and, more superhumanly, still have a sense of humor after a day of surly teens), has tagged me for the blog tour, […]

No going gently into any good nights

It’s been a rough year for my grandma; she’s dealt with pneumonia, the encroaching loss of her eyesight, memory loss, and profound depression. Even so, she’s a fighter; she will never go gently into that good night, and now she’s got the book to prove it. I’d been working with her to collect stories about […]

Shameless promotion of local artists

I’ve been remiss in my Moments of Unexpected Beauty entries partly because I’ve been writing a lot for the blog at the library where I work. I don’t know how many people that might see this entry live in West Central Wisconsin, but I figure it couldn’t hurt to give these artists as much publicity […]

The Day of Two Friends

Sage is having one of the best days of his life today, and it must be documented. First his buddy Isaiah came over after school; the boys played almost non-stop (only pausing for snack breaks) until Isaiah’s brother’s flag football practice ended and the magic had to end as well. Then Sage’s OTHER buddy Braedin […]

Grudgingly accepted assignment; witnessed True Love

I have to confess that I almost said “no” when Rachel from the local newspaper forwarded me a request from the Aging and Disability Resource Center for an article on their upcoming caregiver conference. I’d been waiting almost two weeks to be paid for my August articles, and I’d never been paid for July’s; tired […]

Arranging a hit with the Amish Mafia

They used to be so adorable, those little white fluffball chicks who traveled so philosophically in the paws of my overly enthusiastic son. They were so adorable, in fact, that I’d written in a previous post about how they might have charmed their way out of the stewpot even if they did indeed prove to […]

Involuntarily Amish

My family awoke yesterday to appliances that were sullenly dark and silent. I attributed their lack of juice to a storm system that had moved through the area the previous night; although it had obligingly skirted around us, I figured it might have knocked out some key player further down on the grid. However, after […]