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An Ode to the Amish

OK, this isn’t really an ode—I have neither the time nor the energy to produce a real ode—but I like the sound of “An Ode to the Amish.” And my appreciation for my Amish neighbors is equally profound no matter whether it appears in poetry or prose. I’ve seen bits and pieces of some of […]

“Naomi’s Story” now has its own blog

I’ve finally got a new blog specifically for postings about my grandma, Naomi Kimball Harris, and her life story. I spent Friday afternoon going through photos with her and getting a few new stories; I tell you, every time I think her life couldn’t have been more complex or painful, she casually throws in some […]

Naomi’s mother: Mattie Bertha Rawlings

Mattie was born in Prince George’s County, Virginia, on Jan. 1, 1884. She was an only child; her mother died giving birth to her. She was raised by an African-American Mammy on a tobacco farm there. She contracted tuberculosis when she was young; Naomi believes she was exposed to it by her Mammy, who in […]

Overview of the “Naomi’s Story” project

After many years of hearing my grandmother’s stories, I realized that it’s time to start recording them. My first effort on this front, “Naomi’s Rebellion,” was written last summer and included in the 2012 edition of the Poetica Grandma-tica anthology. I posted that story to Moments of Unexpected Beauty on Jan. 8, 2013; a brief […]

Naomi’s Rebellion

NAOMI’S REBELLION Re-told by Rebecca White Body Introduction This story recounts an incident that occurred when my grandmother, Naomi Kimball Harris, was about ten years old. In re-telling it, I’ve tried to weave in elements from other stories she’s told over the years in order to show how her background helped shape her personality and […]

The debut of Naomi’s story

I’ve just spent quite a bit of time trying to create a new blog to honor my grandma’s life story; her name is Naomi Kimball Harris, and I’ve been interviewing her about her life, so I’d like to create a blog to record the information. However, each time I created a new blog, I would […]

Rooting for the coyotes

The last few days have yielded quite a few story ideas, not the least of which involves strangers with high-powered rifles. Coyote hunters colonized my road on Saturday. I’d seen them in previous years in other local areas, but this was the first time I’d seen them so close to home. I’d been fighting prejudice […]

Boredom as a foreign concept

I’ve taken my son to my friend’s house, so I’m trying to squeeze as much as possible into the scant but precious child-free time. (I love my son, but his presence is NOT conducive to productivity, especially when it comes to writing.) I want to use this opportunity to list all the things I’d like […]

New Year in a New City

The last couple of weeks have been chock full of holiday madness, computer malfunctions, and a general lack of inspiration. However, since my New Year’s resolution was to become more disciplined as a writer and try to add to my blog more regularly, I want to produce at least SOME small-scale literature. So I’ll recount […]