Monthly Archives: August 2018

Caesar and his Court

Despite some initial skepticism on Court’s part, the two dogs are now fast friends, and I have the adorable photos to prove it: Sometimes even a dog needs a (non-human) best friend.

A Butterfly Kind of Day

I happened to glance out the window and noticed that a piece of garden art had come to life–well, part of it, anyway. The art in question was one of Grandma’s beloved garden statues–a little girl and boy sitting side by side, one of my favorites because it reminds me of Sage and his friend […]

Caesar in the tub

Caesar recently had his first bath, which went surprisingly well. I must say that it’s delightful to have a dog small enough to pop into the laundry sink. We couldn’t help thinking that Caesar was adorable even when he looked like a drowned rat. Of course, we may be prejudiced. But at least he’s clean…for […]