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Good Grief

A couple of months ago, Ellen Stimson’s publicist contacted me about reviewing an advance copy of her upcoming book, Good Grief. (Apparently, she’d seen my review of Stimson’s first book, Mud Season, on Goodreads back when I was motivated enough to actually write reviews instead of just rating books with stars.) It took me quite […]

Entrail-Strewn Children’s Literature

After realizing that my references to Sage’s fib-induced nose-growth were pretty well lost on him, I concluded that it was time for him to see Pinocchio in order to fully appreciate my wit. His recent bout of “mimpendicitis” offered the perfect opportunity; we were confined indoors by illness and egregiously cold outdoor temperatures, so it […]

Of Bait and Banks

A growing awareness of mortality, the first-time sense that she’s OLD, and most of all, the failing eyesight that banishes her from the books she loves: All of these weights are combining to sink my 93-year-old grandmother’s spirits. She was home alone most of the day yesterday, her solitude only interrupted by a visit from […]