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The Things that Change, the Things that Don’t

On the brink of 2017, I can’t help feeling trepidation about the changes this new year will bring. But Emery’s recent overnight visit reminded me that even though the world is constantly changing, some things remain constant. Oral hygiene is a case in point. The children have changed considerably (Emery’s recent acquisition of cat ears […]

Money Management for Third Graders

Sage’s friend Emery spent the entire weekend with us last week, and there was nary a dull moment (or a silent one) during the entire time. She taught me a valuable lesson about money management when she spent almost all her money ($4.00 in a little plastic purse) on candy at the Variety Store. I […]

Peaceable Kingdoms

Peaceable kingdoms do indeed exist. I offer the following photos as proof: Now, if only humans were as civilized as these animals…