Monthly Archives: December 2012

Bee dreams

I’m going through a bee-intensive phase right now–that’s the beauty of a subject search in the library’s catalogue. I’ve got bee memoirs, bee mysteries, and a bee manual at this point. I’ve wanted my own hive for a long time, especially ever since a swarm landed on our wild plum tree last summer. I regret […]

Mundane miracles

I just finished revising an essay I wrote about the miraculous nature of ordinary events, and I was going to post it today since I’m not feeling incredibly inspired to generate new content. But Facebook has just confirmed my thesis that the biggest miracles lie wrapped in a cloak of normalcy: my brother posted a […]


Like most of the country, and probably a good part of the world, I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to come to terms with the shooting of all those little children. I know I can’t comprehend the pain of the grieving families. Even so, I couldn’t stop crying for a long time; I […]

Tales from an organic dairy farmer

The Muse is still on sabbatical, so I decided to post an article I just wrote for the local paper. I hope anyone who’s interested in farming, cooking with fresh foods, or green living in general will support Inga’s project and enjoy watching her shows. The Witscher Family Produces Shows As Well As Milk By […]

Sage’s greatest hits

Yesterday was my son Sage’s first official snow day; although the rest of the school kids just had a delay, for some reason, the afternoon 4K classes were canceled, so he was home all day. Since the snow quickly lost its novelty (he made about three forays into it over the course of the day, […]

Mr. Snowlover

The day my son has been dreaming of has finally arrived: the winter’s first snowstorm. A great deal of his young life has passed since the last snow melted; in fact, I saw on the news that many parts of the Midwest had broken records for the most consecutive days without measurable snowfall. And yet […]

The virtues of unnecessary panic

This post is a follow-up to “Jinx,” in which I commented at great length about my husband’s decision to drive darkened backroads to Eau Claire to purchase the new season of The Simpsons and his subsequent encounter with a kamikaze deer. As those of you who read it have probably observed, my panicky visions of […]