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Sage the Snowboarder

Winter has finally arrived, and it’s making up for its tardiness with a vengeance. Between cancellations due to sub-zero temperatures and cancellations due to snow, Sage has only attended school a few days these past couple of weeks–and some of them shortened thanks to a two hour delay. At this rate, he’ll be attending school […]

Caesar’s Snow Day

It’s been a crazy week–first we had a snowstorm that left several inches of snow on Monday, then three days entombed in the polar vortex, then two freakishly mild days that melted most of the snow and left a ragged, half-naked landscape in its wake. But yesterday morning, there was a sweet spot when the […]

Unexpected Snow

  The forecasts had been dire: Winter Storm Warning! Over 6 inches of snow! Blowing! Drifting! Dangerous road conditions! This apocalyptic news was met with smirks. How many times had we seen forecasts like this before, and how many times had the predicted storm either proven itself anti-climactic or simply failed to materialize? Everyone from […]