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Spring Visits February

Spring got lost and wandered into our neck of the woods last weekend; the surprising warmth she brought summoned us outside. Sage, in particular, saw an excellent opportunity to work on jumps for his snowboard run (a slope that descends from our driveway to our neighbor’s field). Unfortunately, Spring found her map and headed out, […]

Scenes from an Early Spring

A freakishly early spring has brought out the wanderlust in chickens, bees, and little boys. After stubbornly refusing to walk on snow all winter, the chickens have burst forth from their captivity to happily wander our yard, searching for any precocious but unfortunate insects that might bravely sally forth. The bees are gathering pollen, although […]

Return of the Lamb Whisperer

A few days ago, our Amish neighbors let their ewes and lambs into the field behind our house, and my son Sage demonstrated that he hasn’t lost his status as a Lamb Whisperer. (He’d established it when he was five or six and could call lambs to him; I’d posted the picture in the entry […]

The Chickadee Roommate

This poor little chickadee has been languishing in my photo files for quite awhile now; the bees’ arrival pushed his avian dreams into the background. Things are pretty quite right now, though–the garden is planted, and the bees are humming along–so I’ll put up this picture of the bird who, for a period of about […]

A little sap and a lot of ingenuity

It’s maple syruping time, and the fact that our maple empire consists of one middle aged tree and two scrawny saplings has not daunted my husband. When a man’s gotta tap, a man’s gotta tap. Our Amish neighbor Jacob is preparing to enter the maple syrup business and is currently tapping about 1000 trees. His […]

The Strawberry Rapture

The End Times were near—for the strawberries, that is. I’d planted them with optimistic visions of having a neatly tended strawberry bed, but my Strawberry Utopia had become the planty version of Lord of the Flies: The tough and dogged survivors were spreading frantically on runners (a garden term that seemed almost literal, so fast […]

The emergence of Kuan Yin

The gradual emergence of Kuan Yin is testifying that Spring has finally come: previously up to her neck in snow, she now stands with only an anklet of white to testify that Winter is still putting up a fight but, to the great delight of most Wisconsin residents, losing.