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The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune took direct aim at poor helpless six-year-old Sage last Friday. Heartless mother that I am, I will recount his misfortunes with a stony heart. MISFORTUNE ONE: Sage and I went down the road to examine some of the first pussy willow catkins of the year. I let him […]

Arranging a hit with the Amish Mafia

They used to be so adorable, those little white fluffball chicks who traveled so philosophically in the paws of my overly enthusiastic son. They were so adorable, in fact, that I’d written in a previous post about how they might have charmed their way out of the stewpot even if they did indeed prove to […]

Involuntarily Amish

My family awoke yesterday to appliances that were sullenly dark and silent. I attributed their lack of juice to a storm system that had moved through the area the previous night; although it had obligingly skirted around us, I figured it might have knocked out some key player further down on the grid. However, after […]

Alondra’s day in the country

Alondra had a rural odyssey this morning; we walked several miles through a tranquil country landscape, absorbing the peace of nature, making the most of the sunny hours that blessed us despite dire storm-filled weather forecasts. She had just finished writing the captions for these photos when she had to go home, so I’ll post […]

Counsels From My Garden

Panicky, overwhelmed, weeds everywhere I looked, purple-leaved tomatoes languishing in their battered metal cages: My garden looked the way I felt. I’d been fighting to stave off panic, and the chaotically overgrown garden seemed a physical manifestation of my frantic mind. My husband had announced that we’d need new siding—the basement walls had begun to […]

Moments of Unexpected Outrage: On the Perils of Being “Edited”

I thought I was doing a good thing when I told the library director I would write an article about the library’s can collection fundraiser. OF COURSE I wanted to let the public know about a program that benefits the environment AND the library I love. Just for good measure, I interviewed a Boy Scout […]

Dreams and Odysseys

Sage’s dream came true—literally. He’d woken up in tears three days ago, sobbing because he’d dreamed he’d gotten the toy bow and arrows I’d so cruelly denied him a week or two previously, but he woke up before he could play with them. He was inconsolable until I bribed him with a trip to the […]

Perching robins and clever disguises

Spring has crept in cleverly disguised as winter, but the birds don’t seem to be fooled. A giant robin came and perched like a Christmas tree star on top of one of our still-bare apple trees; I wish I could have gotten a picture, but unfortunately, I hadn’t had the foresight to carry my camera. […]

Spring Break, Placid Horses, and Red Balls

It’s been a long and hectic week; I’m receiving back my karma for all the days when, as a teacher, I looked FORWARD to weekends, spring break, snow days, etc. Now all this vacation time means getting increasingly creative while trying to find ways to entertain the child. To up the ante, I had no […]

The Noodles of Human Kindness

As you may know if you’ve seen my previous two blog entries, it’s been a rough week; on Monday, I had to have my dog Peri euthanized. In the great realm of human tragedy, this is a mere nothing, but I’ve spent the week feeling shredded and raw even so. And yet there’s comfort in […]