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The Squirrel Visitation

Many people consider squirrels mundane, ubiquitous, and perhaps even annoying. Not my dogs, though; they’ve been fascinated by the plump squirrels that have been raiding the bird feeders on our deck. Squirrels are a surprising novelty out here in the country; they generally keep to the woods, so it’s rare for us to see them. […]

The Arrival of Caesar

Our family is now bigger by one dog, although that one dog only weighs seven pounds. Still, Caesar already has a place in our hearts that a 100 pound dog would be hard pressed to fill. Caesar came to us from the local Humane Association. He arrived there after being confiscated from an animal-filled home […]

The Return of the Skunk

I thought I’d seen the last of our skunk visitor after it spent a day in our chicken pen with a peanut butter jar stuck on its head. Alas, that was not the case: It came back for another involuntary sojourn in the pen. Paul had set out a live trap to capture the raccoon […]

Amish Llama and Friends

The landscape around me is donning her white mantle even as I type, but the shameless hussy went naked for an unusually long time this fall. Fortunately, she had some lovely livestock to offset the bleakness of her nudity. My favorite adornment is the Amish Llama, which has been faithfully guarding its flock for several […]

Peaceable Kingdoms

Peaceable kingdoms do indeed exist. I offer the following photos as proof: Now, if only humans were as civilized as these animals…