Monthly Archives: March 2016

Unexpected Snow

  The forecasts had been dire: Winter Storm Warning! Over 6 inches of snow! Blowing! Drifting! Dangerous road conditions! This apocalyptic news was met with smirks. How many times had we seen forecasts like this before, and how many times had the predicted storm either proven itself anti-climactic or simply failed to materialize? Everyone from […]

Chicken Philosophy

A few weeks ago, as Sage was sitting on the swiftly melting remains of his once-glorious snow fort, he learned a valuable life lesson: Happiness may indeed be a warm puppy, but a chicken can bring unexpected joy.

Scenes from an Early Spring

A freakishly early spring has brought out the wanderlust in chickens, bees, and little boys. After stubbornly refusing to walk on snow all winter, the chickens have burst forth from their captivity to happily wander our yard, searching for any precocious but unfortunate insects that might bravely sally forth. The bees are gathering pollen, although […]

The End of the Cake

All things must pass–joy, sorrow, winter, summer, long homework assignments, and (in this case) birthday cakes. Sage’s cake, complete with a three dimensional water slide, was truly spectacular this year. Alas, however, it is no more; it’s been digested by happy party-goers. But it went out in a blaze of glory. Here are its final […]