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The Crab Cake

Each year, Sage requests a different theme for his birthday cake, and Bob–Master Baker at the Augusta Bakery¬†–has never failed to deliver. In the beginning, the cakes were cute but unsurprising; icing images of Sage’s boyish requests were drawn on the cakes: one year a race car, another year a speed boat. Then Bob got […]

Birthday Boy Takes the Cake

For most of his existence, Sage has posed a challenge to the Augusta Bakery: Every year, he wants something new on his cake. He’s been through cars, speedboats, and other such manly themes, and each request has been gratified with a beautifully decorated cake depicting the object of his desire in frosting. But as Sage […]

The Cake that Takes the Cake

Bob the Baker (aka Robert Chaffee of Augusta Bakery) has a long history of making excellent birthday cakes for Sage, but this year’s cake truly takes the cake, both literally and figuratively. Sage asks for a different theme this year, and this year he wanted a water park. Somehow, Bob managed to go from Sage’s […]