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The Tulips

For years, a lonely tulip has lived along our fence line. Maybe it was planted by a previous owner; maybe it escaped from a long-forgotten garden. Whatever its provenance, every spring the yellow flower beams like a lone star in a green firmament: Always lovely, always alone. But this year, a golden twin appeared. The […]

Defying the Frost

Winter is almost upon us, and most of my flowers have gracefully succumbed to the inevitable. Not one little viola, though: It continues to bloom defiantly even as its comrades wilt. Alas, this flower too must eventually meet its fate. But seldom has a battle against mortality been a prettier fight.

A Floral Sanctuary

Now that July’s heat and humidity have arrived with a vengeance, the garden is responding vigorously (especially the weedy residents of said garden.) Most of the vegetables seem to be holding their own, but the battle to keep them from being swamped is perpetual. At times, it’s overwhelming, and I become even more grateful for […]

A Few More of My Floral Amours

My last post was about how I fell in love with a flower. Alas, hussy that I am, I’ve added more floral amours to my life. There’s the red Calynopsis that I bought from the same Amish greenhouse as my beloved Bluebird Columbine: The sturdy pansies, ever cheerful and always faithfully blooming: The lilacs, which […]

Smitten with a Flower

This is the season of flowers: apple blossoms, plum blossoms, lilacs, dandelions, violets, and the cheerful little flowers of ground ivy. (I really don’t understand the virulent public opinion that condemns ground ivy, aka creeping Charlie, as a weed to be utterly eliminated. The bees love it, as do I.) As lovely as these ephemeral […]

The Unexpected Sunflower

Our local birds have tried their hands (well, beaks) at gardening once again this year. They didn’t patch a miniature row of sunflowers against the lower deck like they did last year, but the one they did plant was a real beauty. It emerged from a tiny hole and grew up against the post that […]

Ephemeral Snow Forts and Persistent Pansies

When snow fell the day before Thanksgiving, I’d warned Sage not to get his hopes up. “It won’t be enough for you to build anything, and what does fall won’t last long,” I told him. He proved me wrong on one of the two counts, though: To my amazement, he parlayed the inch of snow […]

Flowers Before the Frost

The fall has been long, lovely, and unnaturally mild (thanks, Climate Change!) but all freakishly good things must come to an end. My pansies have been blooming nonstop since early spring, and they’d doggedly survived a few light frosts, but even they couldn’t cope with the heavy frost and dusting of snow that arrived two […]

On the Defiance of Sunflowers

A little over a week ago, I was thrilled to discover a lonely sunflower growing on the compost pile, cheerfully defying both its unpalatable origin and the impending chill. Unlike its garden peers, who were already shriveled and brown, this plucky little flower turned its unwaveringly sunny gaze up to the ominous gray sky. “What […]

Inadvertent Garden Design

I planted what I’d hoped would be a charming garden border last spring and was sorely disappointed by the results–a few scraggly little plants with few, if any, blooms. The weeds, sensing their opportunity, moved in, and I did painfully little to thwart them. I should have had more faith in my flowers; now that […]