Monthly Archives: January 2015

The Ring That Returned

I thought we’d run out of stories, but I was wrong. I should have realized that anyone who’s been on this earth for 95 years, as my grandmother has, will always have one more story somewhere inside. This time, it was the ring that raised the story. I was visiting my grandmother at her assisted […]

Genetic Vanity

I peeked through the bathroom doorway, observing my son Sage meticulously applying “product” to his hair and lovingly combing each gel-coated strand. I knew better than to speak; any interruption of his intense preening would result in a shrill and eloquent reprimand. I had trouble biting my tongue, though, when I had a sudden revelation: […]

Fond memories of the rapidly retreating holiday season

Now that the New Year isn’t quite as new anymore, my thoughts have turned to the removal of Christmas decorations. The Christmas tree itself was granted a reprieve by my husband and son, so it will keep its home in our finished basement for at least another week, but I took the decorations off the […]

All The Strings That Make Up A Blanket

I recently introduced a new element to my son Sage’s bedtime ritual: Each night, he now tells me three things he’s thankful for. He liked postponing bedtime slightly, and I liked cultivating his sense of gratitude, so we were both on board with the idea. Since Sage is one of those capable-but-lazy sorts, I also […]