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Magic girl fingers

“I’m tired. I don’t feel good. My tummy hurts. I can’t walk. You have to carry me!” whined Sage as he stumbled out of the school behind me. His plea was pathetic, and it HAD been a long day for him. After putting in a full day of kindergarten, he’d attended the After-School French class […]

This is what happens when you let kindergartners play with your camera


Yesterday marked a doleful First: the arrival of Sage’s first green slip from school. I’d grown complacent in the absence of these ominous little papers, but now I have official documentation of my son’s delinquency. His transgression wasn’t quite worthy of a trip to the principal, but it was clearly obnoxious; his teacher’s hastily scrawled […]

Why Eleven Is The First Big Number

Sage suddenly looked up from his grilled cheese sandwich and fixed me with a gaze that was eerily intense for a five-year-old. “Eleven is the first big number,” he announced. I was startled, having never before associated grilled cheese with mathematical ruminations. “Wouldn’t the first big number be ten?” I asked. “It’s the first number […]

Painted Face and Hooded Cowboy

Between our library’s Booktoberfest celebration last Saturday and Homecoming Week this week, Sage has had a chance to explore exciting new looks.

The Day of Two Friends

Sage is having one of the best days of his life today, and it must be documented. First his buddy Isaiah came over after school; the boys played almost non-stop (only pausing for snack breaks) until Isaiah’s brother’s flag football practice ended and the magic had to end as well. Then Sage’s OTHER buddy Braedin […]

Sage’s edible smiles