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The Return of the Pumpkin Head

Despite being mostly neglected lately, a recent visit to Sage’s giant pumpkin patch has proven that the enormous fruits are carrying on, with or without us. They might not end up as the 400 pound leviathans of my boys’ dreams, but hey–they’re pretty darn respectable. Sage reclines on a giant pumpkin in mid-October.   This […]

Pumpkin Heads

  I have to confess that I misunderstood the giant pumpkins’ motives. Given the alarming size of their vines and their ability to creep almost visibly across the yard, I assumed the goal was simple world domination, no pumpkins required. After all, there was nary a fruit to be seen by the end of July. […]

The Brief but Eventful Life of Mr. Pumpkin

Although our garden is usually generous, this year it yielded only one pumpkin. Ah, but what a beauty that pumpkin was. We harvested it in early October; Sage promptly dubbed it “Mr. Pumpkin” and proceeded to give his new friend a face. Mr. Pumpkin went through two initial incarnations: First as a cheerfully bald fellow, […]