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Ugly Sweaters Galore

After a few weeks of holiday chaos–and a round of technical difficulties with my work website that made me seriously consider becoming Amish–I’m finally ready to post again. My subject: Ugly Sweaters. The Augusta Friends of the Library hosted an Ugly Sweater party at the Beaver Bowl last night. Would anyone come? Questionable. Did I […]

Emery’s Return

Sage’s good friend Emery returned for another country sojourn last weekend. The two have been friends since Sage was in the womb, literally. (I distinctly remember being pregnant with Sage and holding baby Emery in my lap, one child on the inside, one on the out. Fortunately for Emery, it was a warm, sunny summer […]

Two crazy kids out on the town

A couple of weekends ago, Sage’s friend Emery joined us for a weekend of Christmas-themed adventures. We experienced a horse-drawn wagon ride, reindeer, the lighting of the town Christmas tree, the public library’s outstanding children’s section, and (most importantly at the time) lunch. The following photos serve as testaments to the fact that fun can […]

There are more things in heaven and earth…

Last week, a paranormal investigator came to our library to talk about his experiences researching unexplained phenomena. It was a fascinating discussion, and (HUZZAH!) people actually showed up for this guest speaker!!! I wrote an article about it for the library blog and the local paper, but I wanted to share it on this blog […]

An experience to put all bad days into perspective…

The library where I work recently invited climber and author Isabel Suppé to come speak about her near-death experience when, while climbing in the Andes, she and her partner plunged 1100 feet down a mountain. Unfortunately, nobody showed up; I felt awful about that. The silver lining, though, was that I got a chance to […]

Shameless promotion of local artists

I’ve been remiss in my Moments of Unexpected Beauty entries partly because I’ve been writing a lot for the blog at the library where I work. I don’t know how many people that might see this entry live in West Central Wisconsin, but I figure it couldn’t hurt to give these artists as much publicity […]

Painted Face and Hooded Cowboy

Between our library’s Booktoberfest celebration last Saturday and Homecoming Week this week, Sage has had a chance to explore exciting new looks.

Moments of Unexpected Outrage: On the Perils of Being “Edited”

I thought I was doing a good thing when I told the library director I would write an article about the library’s can collection fundraiser. OF COURSE I wanted to let the public know about a program that benefits the environment AND the library I love. Just for good measure, I interviewed a Boy Scout […]


I recently wrote a post extolling the virtues of positive karma–to sum up, I donated $100 to charity, then unexpectedly got a job as a substitute teacher that paid $100. Well, Nemesis has apparently concluded that A) I was too proud of myself and my good karma and B) She’s just as powerful as karma […]