I’ve been struggling to remain optimistic despite the hatred and anger I’ve had to confront while defending our local library and its pandemic response. While the library’s funding seems safe, at least for the moment, the dispute has cost both me and my son some formerly dear friends, and other friends have been threatened for […]

I can’t write about the current bitterness in my human world any more, so I’m going to shift focus to the equally intense but infinitely cuter rivalry between Joker the Rooster and Lily the Small But Feisty Dog. Much to their chagrin, the chickens have been confined to their pen for the winter, but that […]

I was feeling hopeful when last I wrote. Yes, I’d had a difficult conversation with a friend. Yes, the divisions between us became painfully stark. Still, I thought, I’d listened. I’d showed her I cared about her and took her concerns seriously. I’d done my patriotic duty by trying to bridge the chasm between us. […]

I will never be a soldier. I’ve heard so many horror stories about Boot Camp that, even if I DID have military inclinations, I would fail miserably. But I think there’s an equally important way I can serve my country right now: Listen. Listen to people with whom I disagree, try to find common ground, […]

Like so many of my fellow Americans, I’ve been marinating in a stew of fear and despair. I volunteered as a poll worker–I saw how carefully handled and well documented each ballot was–I came away from the experience with a new appreciation for my country. Yet a slurry of false election fraud accusations and gun-toting […]

The world is still frozen. The trees are encased in ice, and a heavy gray sky presses down on the landscape. It’s been this way since 2021 began. Here’s hoping for the return of the sun.

The first day of 2021 is continuing 2020’s bleakness; frost-laden branches offer glimmers of sullen beauty, but Nature seems in no mood to celebrate. The landscape’s nakedness is barely covered by a thin layer of snow; we had more snow in October than we’ve had for the last couple of months. But I’m grateful for […]

From the day they came home with us, our three little hens charmed us with their absolute cuteness. What we thought were our three little hens, anyway. It turns out that the joke was on us: Joker is definitely not a hen, as he’s proven with his persistent crowing and newly developed libido. He did […]

Having only three people at your Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t mean you can’t cook for a small army. After all, leftovers are the Food of the Gods! So Paul, Sage, and I spent the day in the kitchen despite this being a Quarantine Thanksgiving. Paul contributed the turkey (which turned out deliciously moist thanks to his […]

I’ve been writing up a storm these last few months–honestly, I have!–but I haven’t had the heart to add more screen time to my life by blogging on top of everything else. But I want to get back in the habit of personal writing, so I’m returning to Moments of Unexpected Beauty. I’m going to […]