Chickens might be my family’s largest livestock, but we live surrounded by cows. Sometimes they stay safely on their side of the fence, content to eat the apples Sage feeds them. But sometimes, the cows come to us. Fortunately, we’re none the worse as a result of our Close Encounters of the Bovine Kind. And, […]

Sage embarked on his career as a fifth grader last week. I’d been hoping for another cute and cuddly year before he hits the dreaded Middle School, but he’s clearly preparing himself to be a teenager–at least judging by his “First Day of Fifth Grade” picture. On the bright side, if the school ever offers […]

A series of vicious storms recently ripped through our state; the last tally I heard was 16 confirmed tornadoes. Fortunately for us, we didn’t get the worst of it, and we were rewarded by one of the most magnificent double rainbows we’d ever seen. In fact, it inspired Sage to dance. Sometimes even the worst […]

Despite some initial skepticism on Court’s part, the two dogs are now fast friends, and I have the adorable photos to prove it: Sometimes even a dog needs a (non-human) best friend.

I happened to glance out the window and noticed that a piece of garden art had come to life–well, part of it, anyway. The art in question was one of Grandma’s beloved garden statues–a little girl and boy sitting side by side, one of my favorites because it reminds me of Sage and his friend […]

Caesar recently had his first bath, which went surprisingly well. I must say that it’s delightful to have a dog small enough to pop into the laundry sink. We couldn’t help thinking that Caesar was adorable even when he looked like a drowned rat. Of course, we may be prejudiced. But at least he’s clean…for […]

Our family is now bigger by one dog, although that one dog only weighs seven pounds. Still, Caesar already has a place in our hearts that a 100 pound dog would be hard pressed to fill. Caesar came to us from the local Humane Association. He arrived there after being confiscated from an animal-filled home […]