Generally, giant mutant things tend to be rather unwelcome. Giant mutant eggs, however, are an exception to this rule. How many yolks? Two, even three? Seldom is cracking an egg more exciting. We thought a recent egg might be a three-yolker since it was so big, we couldn’t even close the egg carton we put […]

Sage recently went through a brief but passionate love affair with Scrabble, an affair that was sparked when my sister-in-law Tami introduced me to the addictively Scrabble-like “Words With Friends” app. We were inspired to dig out our old Scrabble board and play the old-fashioned way. It seemed like the game was taking root; Paul […]

For most of his existence, Sage has posed a challenge to the Augusta Bakery: Every year, he wants something new on his cake. He’s been through cars, speedboats, and other such manly themes, and each request has been gratified with a beautifully decorated cake depicting the object of his desire in frosting. But as Sage […]

I had a revelation a few days ago: It was induced, as so many revelations are, by a pile of dirty dishes. They sat in the sink after dinner, exuding the silent but intimidating “You must do us now” vibe that all dirty dishes emit. Generally, I obey this silent command–or sometimes Paul will, if […]

I’ve frequently and shamelessly employed the cliche “Sage is growing like a weed.” Well, now I’ll have to modify it slightly to “Sage is growing like an avocado tree.” I’d planted an avocado seed a few weeks ago, unable to throw such a huge and promising seed into the compost. The little guy took off […]

During a recent trip to our friends John and Marilyn’s house, Sage displayed some of his many aspects: