In the true American spirit, Sage asked himself, “Why should I be stuck doing only ONE fun thing at a time when I could be doing TWO fun things?” The answer: He shouldn’t. Hence the creation of “yollerblading.” He likes rollerblading. He likes doing yo yo tricks. Why not do both at the same time? […]

Sage recently added to his diverse array of interests: He’s now passionate about playing the recorder. When he first started the recorder unit in his music class at school, he would carry his instrument around the house and perform impromptu concerts at least once an hour. He even wrote an original song called “Knight Adventurer,” […]

After weeks of planning and construction in his man-garage, Paul has finally completed his marvel of laundry-related architecture: A combination bench (with storage compartments) and not one but TWO clothes drying racks. Today marked the culmination of his endeavor. Moving his masterpiece from the man-garage to his newly remodeled bathroom took the whole family’s efforts, […]

“All my friends get to go on vacation, and I have to spend spring break helping my dad remodel a bathroom!” Such was Sage’s piteous lament. I pointed out on the first day of spring break that his buddy Isaiah was currently packed into a car with his two older brothers, half way to Texas […]

With the influx of technology Sage received for his birthday, I was worried that he was going to turn into something like this: Happily, another gift helped draw him back out into the real world: Roller blades. He’d fallen in love with roller blading last time he went to a skating party with some friends, […]

Each year, Sage requests a different theme for his birthday cake, and Bob–Master Baker at the Augusta Bakery –has never failed to deliver. In the beginning, the cakes were cute but unsurprising; icing images of Sage’s boyish requests were drawn on the cakes: one year a race car, another year a speed boat. Then Bob got […]

We finally did it. We took the plunge. We took a risk. Our child might never be the same again. But Paul and I did it. We got Sage a cell phone for his 10th birthday. It was something we’d been contemplating for a while. Since we don’t have a land line, we didn’t dare leave […]