Today is bleak, and the first measurable snow of the season is falling, so I’ll find consolation in a glorious autumn day just a few short weeks ago. I was having a bad M.S. day–I felt like the blood had been drained from my body, and my limbs were made of lead. (Not all days […]


The days are becoming increasingly grim and devoid of flowers–mostly literally, sometimes figuratively as well. But never totally devoid, at least not yet, thanks to my faithful pansies. I planted them in an old tire near my garage door, with a bluebird columbine and a pink begonia for company, and they’ve been blooming steadfastly ever […]

My son is generally a fine young man, but there are moments when his teenage brain goes into Full Contortion Mode. Case in point: Yesterday, my husband and I drove him to a neighboring town so he could join some friends for a trip through a haunted house and some post-haunting ice cream. Halfway there, […]

The Muse isn’t with me tonight, so I present a moment of unexpected equine beauty in lieu of words:

Today, I don’t have words to speak for the trees, so I’ll let one tree speak for itself. Maybe with a commentary from Court… And Lily. But no words could be more eloquent than golden sunlight streaming through flaming autumn leaves. I think our maple does a fine job speaking for itself.

Despite my best intentions, my struggle to write goes on; the thoughts that used to dart through my head like silver fish sink sluggishly to the bottom of my brain, and my fingers feel like lead. But with the encouragement of some friends (thanks, Dani and Geri!), I’m going to give it another go… I […]

I’ve been struggling to figure out what to write. How much of my experience do I reveal? I can’t pretend that having multiple sclerosis isn’t scary, especially on days when my limbs feel like they’re wrapped in lead and/or are being electrocuted and/or have shooting pains radiating through them. Every day I wake up wondering […]

Just when things seem like they couldn’t get worse, the world has a funny way of showing that they can. I dread turning on the radio, constantly bracing for reports of nuclear war. So, in the long and proud human tradition of denying everything that’s horrible, I present to you…. Cake. Every year, our local […]

My resolution to post a blog entry every Sunday didn’t survive long into the new year, but in my defense, I was exhausted on Sunday after a full day of running errands with my son and standing on a hill watching him snowboard. My dogs kindly provided a visual of how I was feeling by […]

The Muse isn’t descending upon me tonight, but I DO have a letter to the editor regarding PFAS, chemicals that have been linked to numerous health problems and that have been turning up in drinking water all over Wisconsin. I wrote it as part of a Sierra Club Volunteer Night, and I’m glad I did; […]