I apparently jinxed myself when I complained a few weeks ago about the lack of snow in my region; the Weather Gods seem to have heard me, and now we’ve gone from a deficit to a surplus of snow within a couple of weeks. Between the snow and a visit from the Polar Vortex, Sage […]

Winter has finally arrived, and it’s making up for its tardiness with a vengeance. Between cancellations due to sub-zero temperatures and cancellations due to snow, Sage has only attended school a few days these past couple of weeks–and some of them shortened thanks to a two hour delay. At this rate, he’ll be attending school […]

It’s been a crazy week–first we had a snowstorm that left several inches of snow on Monday, then three days entombed in the polar vortex, then two freakishly mild days that melted most of the snow and left a ragged, half-naked landscape in its wake. But yesterday morning, there was a sweet spot when the […]

Today was a memorable day in trombone history: Sage played in his first Solo and Ensemble festival. Since he’s only in fifth grade, he didn’t receive a score, but his band teacher enrolled him in the festival for the experience and feedback. Sage did some last-minute practicing before we left: And in the gym: Unfortunately, […]

Middle of January it may be, but you’d never know that if you looked out the window; the few patches of snow clinging to an otherwise naked landscape look more like a scene from March. I can’t help feeling unnerved by the freakish lack of snow, so I’m trying to look on the Bright Side […]

Sage’s aunt and uncle, with well-placed faith in his abilities, purchased him a wooden model car for Christmas–even though it was clearly marked for ages 14 and up. “He may be ten, but he’s a mature ten,” my brother observed. While I would often dispute that statement, when it comes to model cars, my brother […]

This Christmas could hardly described as a white one, but neither was it completely brown. I do believe the best adjective would be “whitish.” The landscape was covered with a dusting of snow just thick enough to cover its modesty but not so thick that, had it been human and out in public, it wouldn’t […]