Monthly Archives: January 2016

Sage’s Continued Inspiration

The Muse has descended to inspire Sage once again, and this time she’s diversifying her media. While origami remains one of his first loves, he was inspired by an art lesson to draw what he calls a Zen tangle. He also assembled a puzzle built a house and added to his origami collection. Then, he […]

Good Neighbors and Cozy Bees

As I took advantage of a rare sunny day to haul a bag full of sawdust from my Amish neighbor Jacob’s sawmill–a prize destined to become chicken bedding and then ultimately reincarnated as compost–I reflected on how fortunate I am to have such good neighbors. When my husband and I moved into our house almost […]

The Mid-Winter Citrus Harvest

Our freakish sojourn in the world of global warming has ended–at least temporarily–and the first major cold snap of the winter is upon us. That didn’t stop our citrus tree from yielding a miniature mid-winter harvest, though. When I’d purchased it almost 10 years ago, I bought it as an “orange tree.” This name can […]

Good Old Fashioned Play Time

Although Santa was VERY good to Sage this year, Sage was in the mood for some old-fashioned play time last week. He made a cap that, as he was eager to explain, could double as a boat. He then made a barn out of paper that he quickly converted into an airplane hangar, an appropriate […]