Monthly Archives: December 2016

The Things that Change, the Things that Don’t

On the brink of 2017, I can’t help feeling trepidation about the changes this new year will bring. But Emery’s recent overnight visit reminded me that even though the world is constantly changing, some things remain constant. Oral hygiene is a case in point. The children have changed considerably (Emery’s recent acquisition of cat ears […]

The Arboreal Artiste

I’m pleased to report that Sage has graduated from his previous holiday decorating technique, which is best described as “Randomly Throwing Tinsel on Things.” This year, he draped his garland and placed his ornaments with a true eye for aesthetic effect. I was most pleased with his efforts (which, we have to admit, had a […]

Amish Llama and Friends

The landscape around me is donning her white mantle even as I type, but the shameless hussy went naked for an unusually long time this fall. Fortunately, she had some lovely livestock to offset the bleakness of her nudity. My favorite adornment is the Amish Llama, which has been faithfully guarding its flock for several […]

Ephemeral Snow Forts and Persistent Pansies

When snow fell the day before Thanksgiving, I’d warned Sage not to get his hopes up. “It won’t be enough for you to build anything, and what does fall won’t last long,” I told him. He proved me wrong on one of the two counts, though: To my amazement, he parlayed the inch of snow […]